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So, Your Gitlab Is Slow?

Our develop team use Gitlab for a long time, recently I get into some performance issues while using it. In this post, I will share our problem and some tips to investigate and improve it.

Blog URL Changed

今天我终于把2年半前注册的域名 成功重定向到 Github pages 了。

之前试过 DNS forward,但是URL不能完美显示,今天无意中想找找有没有好办法把域名重定向到 Github,意料之外找到了Github 的官方配置方法 Setting up a custom domain with Pages,居然成功了!

Monthly Review for Dec

I checked that my last review is in September, so I guess this should be a 3-Months Review, but I barely remember what I have done in October and November, I’ll try to recall what I have done in this month.

Restore Ubuntu Grub2 After Install Windows

A two weeks ago, I have installed Windows 8 on my home desktop to replace Windows 7, and of cause I can not boot into Ubuntu 12.04 after that. Today I got my Ubuntu live USB stick back from one of my friend, so I try to restore grub2 in Ubuntu. Here is the work flow:

Switch to Octpress

Trying to switch blog generator from pelican to octpress.

And I have created a little ruby script to convert pelican markdown post to octpress post. Which actually converts the post head like:

Weekly Review for Sep.16 2012

I think now I can only do this review twice a week.

No efficiency for the last two weeks, and I have left many things undone. Mainly because I always got a headache on the weekends, and can not do any job in front of a computer. I think I have not sleep well these two weeks, I need to adjust my body clock back normal…